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Ventura Cool

California's legendary Hwy 1, one of the worlds most famed scenic roads, travels through Ventura. You can drive right past it - or even right through it - but when you stop here, you will know you have arrived at a special place.

Midway between Malibu and Santa Barbara, Ventura remains refreshingly unspoiled and unpolished. While many California visitors spend time in its famous big cities and merely buy postcards of California laid-back beach towns, I encourage you to dig a little deeper. A quaint main street in a historic downtown, a barefoot surfer vibe, a wooden pier, beachside tacos, and views of Channel Islands National Park are what you will find. A welcoming community, named one of National Geographic's 25 happiest cities in America, is what you will feel.

So stay longer, walk farther, and fit right in - not because you try, but because you do not have to try in the first place. Welcome to Ventura!

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