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Around the Neighborhood -- Need Inspiration? Go for a Stroll

I love to take walks. I love to walk around my neighborhood. My route doesn't change that much. I usually walk up and down the nearby streets. Sometimes I take a right out of my porch and head downhill or I go left and go uphill. Either way, I usually make a big loop around the neighborhood, and I always enjoy looking at the houses and how they start coming to life in the sprint. I've walked these streets hundreds of times and it never gets boring.

I have found myself tempted to walk down someone's driveway to get a closer look. I always find myself "trespassing" somewhere, stepping into front yards to see the beauty of the yard. It's a much better idea with a warm homemade pie and see if that will get me an invitation into their home. I'll typically pause for a moment, take a few mental notes( and sometimes a picture) and keep walking.

There is something to be said about walking your neighborhood. No matter where you live, there are timeless homes that offer some inspiration. I have seen neighbors who have been busy painting front doors, adding porches, planting new flower beds. I will never tire of noticing the homes just up and down the street -- it never gets boring.

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